Organic apple cider vinegar

I’ve always been a fan of pungent flavours.  The acidic punch of good vinegar can do wonders in salad.  The culinary qualities of Apple cider Vinegar is what first peaked our interest in producing it.  Secondly we were intrigued by its unbelievable medicinal virtues. In cooking, vinegar is used to preserve, acidify and flavour dishes.  Since our freshly pressed apple juice tastes so divine we thought that a vinegar derived from it would be just as savory.  And it is! Our handcrafted cider vinegar is a 12 month process in which the cider ferments slowly and naturally then matured in an oak barrel.  The result is a smooth delicate flavour of  woodsy apple and with a perfect acidity.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been considered a medicinal elixir for hundreds of years.  Handcrafted vinegar encompasses more  nutritional values, natural enzymes and good bacteria than any other food.  It’s health benefits have dubbed it the ‘’healthy vinegar’’