The apple is one the most chemically sprayed fruits harvested in Québec.  As apple growers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do differently.  By planting the orchard from scratch we were able to control all aspects of its development, from enriching the soil to treatments used on the fruit.

We practice Natural Farming.  This process of production involves working while respecting nature and achieving a balanced ecosystem.   Feeding the soil with natural elements instead of feeding the trees with chemical fertilizers.   Increasing the beneficial insect population instead of destroying enemy insects with chemical pesticides. The ultimate goal is to harvest healthy fruit with the freshness and good taste that nature intended it to have.


Have a look on how we work the land



The plot of land on which the orchard sits was in the Graham family for over 170 years.  They  raised a prized Holstein dairy herd as well as produced and delivered milk in the region for 39 years.  The Graham Farm remained active for 5 generations. We purchased this 57 arpent plot of agricultural land in 2002.


In the absence of a ‘’for sale’’ sign, Eric Léger asked one of the Graham brothers if the they would be interested in selling a plot, to which M Graham answered: “depends on what you want to do with it”. “I want to plant an apple orchard” Eric answered. A handshake was exchanged and there began the realization of Eric’s childhood dream to own an orchard. The soil, rich in clay and the micro climate created by the Lac des Deux Montagnes made it an ideal spot to grow fruit. The land, having never been farmed in monoculture made it possible to practice Natural Farming, apple growing without chemicals.


The first phase of the orchard began with planting 1000 semi dwarf apple trees in 2003. A few more phases, and barns later, we hope to carry on the tradition of agriculture here in Hudson for many years and generations.
We are very honoured and proud to work a land with such a rich agricultural history.