Organic pure apple juice

What the harvest reaps

Our apple juice never tastes the same and that’s how we like it. The first press at the end of august is a tart and refreshing apple juice whereas the end of October press yields a sweet and comforting apple juice.

The apple is somewhat prone to outer imperfections in Natural Farming. Scab for instance ( a thin rough patch) on the skin can alter the appearance of an apple but leaves the flesh of the fruit intact. Seeking not to waste perfectly tasty apples, we began to press apple juice. What the harvest reaps is what we press. Never less than 2 varieties of apples makes up the juice and sometimes up to 4 different varieties which makes an extremely flavourful beverage.


Discover the nuances that different varieties offer.

  • No water added
  • No sugar added
  • Non-Pasteurised


We can press your apples for your very own juice